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The Email Marketing Secrets

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a lucrative technique within the spectrum of digital marketing that enables visibility across wider audience at an inexpensive budget and an easy-to-customize environment with constant feedback on how current customers and potential customers would gauge it via analytics spread across various metrics. There are many ways one could have a highly successful email marketing campaign but there are certain ways that one could squeeze the best out of it. These are few of the email marketing secrets that you must know and use.

The Email Marketing Secrets that you must know:

Email Marketing Secrets
Secrets of Email Marketing
  1. Simplifying the Sign-up Dialog Box

    This is the first thing that you must work on i.e. simplifying the sign-up dialog box that appears on your website or blog. Nowadays, sign up dialog box have become a thing as it collects email address and other details about the visitor providing the access to the site to the visitor while on the other hand, giving a lead to the brand that they can use further for promotional purposes. Thus, the sign-up dialog box needs to be simply with less clutter, high-definition but small and few in numbers preferably one to two. Also, you need to make sure that the call to action button is visible across various devices.

  2. Welcome the Subscribers

    This is probably the first mail you should send when someone signs up on your website or blog. It involves thanking the user for subscribing as well as welcoming him/her and briefing about the website, the products, and services offered in short along with attractive graphics. Offering a discount coupon could add value to the mail while keeping the user glued to receive the next email from your end.

  3. Adding a Powerful Preview & Valuable Content

    Most of the users would resort to email previews before even opening your email just to have a glance at what you are offering. Thus, it is crucial to use the non-deceptive subject line, quality and right-on-point content that adds the value to the content and increases click-through rates. Using unexpected or bizarre subject lines could boost the response as well. While drafting an email, avoid using the deceptive subject line, words like Free Cash or use all caps within the email as doesn’t look visually appealing.

  4. Timing is Crucial

    There’s just a lot of things you need to abide by when it comes to timing the emails. First of all, weekends and holidays are sometimes not a good time to send out certain kinds of emails. Then, there is a specific time or segments of emails that perform well and that’s everything you can access using email analytics that will reveal the best time to send out emails, frequency, and other variables to get better and positive response from the users.

  5. Keep Images Low and Fonts Subtle

    As common sense, I would assume that sending high-definition and larger images will be better than sending a smaller image since the larger ones look for aesthetic but it isn’t like that. Since more than half of the internet users would use smartphones to access their emails, a larger image might not be visible on a smartphone. This would create a void around the image since it isn’t loading and make the email unprofessional. Thus, keeping the image at 72 dpi and small size is recommended by digital marketers.

    Experimenting with fonts could also be a backlog since there are varied devices, operating systems, and font support which could alter the outlook of a perfectly customized email and render it unprofessional. To avoid it, you can use traditional and found across all devices fonts such as Calibri, Arial, times new roman, to draft and send an email which must be even across all devices. Ensure that the content is justified to the left and not center.

  6. Mystery Emails

    Adding a tinge of mystery to the mails has often received more response from the user’s thanks to the human nature of curiosity. You can add offers on your products and services but without specifying the particular product on which it is applicable and allow users to jump to your website to know more. This sustains the attention of the user as well as provide visibility to both your emails and the website or blog.

  7. Branding the Emails

    There are many ways you can brand the emails that you send out to your email list. It could be a simple description of your brand and its logo or it could be attractive banners in the footer or header. Also, you can add links to your various social media handles and ask customers to express their satisfaction towards the mail via polls and more.

  8. Add a unique Touch to the Mails

    It could be anything from a quote as you would have seen on ‘Forbes’ website or it could be frequently visible links or products on your website. You can add videos to enhance the visibility of your email and in-turn, the website that you handle.

  9. Email Remarketing

    Although it might not sound feasible you can actually use a technique called email remarketing. In it, a brand usually sends out a previous email to same complete or segment of an email list in an attempt to increase click-through rates and visibility.

    Although sending the same content isn’t advisable, a brand can repurpose the content by altering keys details, colors and appearance of the email and send it.

  10. Allow user Feedback

    Now, this is crucial. A customer would feel special if he/she is asked for a feedback about your brand. No matter if the comment is negative, positive, or neutral, it is still a comment and you must reply to it thanking the customer for the feedback and reply professionally thereby inducing customer’s need to visit your brand again. This is a human nature and you can use the analytics to tweak your email marketing campaign based on the response you get.

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