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8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Email marketing is one of the oldest and efficient marketing strategy still in use and in fact, it is being used by 41 percent of the small business owners in the United States alone. According to a study conducted by ExactTarget, more than 71 percent of users have signed up for permission-based marketing communications via emails. The return of interest (ROI) in terms of spending on email marketing in $40 on every 1$ spent which is almost double the ROI produced by SEO alone. Let’s jump into the explicit list of 8 Email marketing tips and tricks that you must use.

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks
Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

8 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks that you must use

  1. Abide by the CAN-SPAM Rules

    Abide by the CAN-SPAM Rules
    CAN-SPAM Rules

    While drafting emails for any email marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you abide by the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) which is a guideline prepared by competent authorities towards advertisers sending out commercial emails and messages. The laws state that you must provide a proper postal address of your brand, option to unsubscribe for receiving further promotional emails, and avoid using the email address or subject lines with ‘no-reply’ as it discourages subscribers count.

  2. Using the Right ‘From’ Tag

    While sending an email to the potential customers, experts recommend using an official email address instead of some random email addresses created on any email service. Now, here’s the discrepancy. You can either use an official email address but with a human name like where the ‘trent’ is a name and ‘techtantrum’ is the brand and avoid using email addresses like ‘’ or ‘’. According to HubSpot, emails sent with addresses like ‘’ received higher click-through compared to another email addresses.

  3. Adding Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

    A lot of people in the email list might not even read through the email that you send. It is because people are attuned to look for possible actions, give them actions and you’ll get results, it is simple. When sending an email, it is imperative to include a CTA button asking or prompting users to perform a certain function, it could be a sign-up CTA, or phone number, email address, or a link to your website or a particular product. It will be a trial and error process but you must access the right position of placing the CTA button so that it grabs the attention of the people and once you are successful with it, you can expect better results.

  4. Making the Right ‘First’ Move

    You can’t just expect a sell out on the first email sent to the potential customers. There are few things you can’t do while mailing the customers for the first time. It includes hard sales, asking the users to jump in and purchase your products right in the first sentence of the email. You must start briefing about yourself, the brand, and slowly and steady quote the product with a clear and concise copy of an article that would engage customers into checking out the stuff and then buy it at their will.

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  5. Adding Other Elements to the Email

    When drafting an email, there are many things that you need to include than just text or CTA button. Firstly, avoid background image in an email but you must add small but high-resolution images since smaller images are responsive when using devices with smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. The write-up included in the body must be concise and to the point since barely anyone would go through an entire email. Further, when creating CTA button, it is highly recommended to include an alt text behind the image because in case if the recipient’s network isn’t stronger, the image might not load thus revealing the alt text which is actually the text about what the image contains. Hyperlinking the images is another way to get a higher response.

  6. Adding Sharing Plugins

    Adding Sharing Plugins
    Social Sharing Buttons

    Social networking sites are still the pros and that’s when you can instill the capability of social media networks in your email marketing campaign by including links to share the newsletter via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks that you think the recipients would like to share.

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  7. Cleaning up the ‘Email List’Email marketing is tough for sure. It is filled with trials and errors and the same goes for the subscribers in the email list. They might have opted to receive your emails but there would be many who will not be interested and that will surely affect the analytics and performance of your email marketing strategy. Thus, it is ideal to let go those who seem uninterested based on the data you pull out after concluding with the email campaign. This will allow targeting subscribers who are interested to receive promotional emails from your end and it will affect the success rate too. The bottom line is, clear out the email list and segregate those who might not be the right type of subscribers.
  8. Offer Freebies

    Well, who doesn’t loves freebies? Consider coupons and freebies, giveaways, like a magnet that will attract traffic on your website and since you already have social sharing plugins, you can expect it to grow larger if the freebies are good enough. No doubt almost one-third of the internet users in the United States have subscribed to receive emails from retailers and use the coupons for both online and in-store redemption.

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