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Why your Email Marketing doesn’t Work (and How to Fix it)

Why Your Email Marketing Doesn’t Work

Email marketing is an effective strategy for marketing purposes, however, it is difficult and takes time to understand and adjust to the variables to get the most of it. Figuratively, every dollar spent on email marketing campaign generates $40 of revenue if done right. Since yours isn’t working too well, you might be doing something wrong. Don’t worry if the performance of your email marketing campaign isn’t too great, here are tips and tricks that you can perform to fix it.

Email Marketing graph going down - Why your Email Marketing doesn’t Work and How to Fix it
Email Marketing graph going down

Tips to Improve your Email Marketing Results

  1. You Purchased the Email List

    Err! If you have purchased the email list that you are targeting and there are many sources to buy it, you are in for a roller coaster ride. It is because many of the users might not like a subscription or some of them have already blacklisted receiving any communication emails, etc and don’t forget the spam folder where most of the emails land. Thus, buying is not an option.

    How to fix it – The simple solution is asking visitors for their email addresses and signing them up to receive further communications. You can use Lightbox, Hello Bar, Landing Pages, Opt-in Box and a lot of other tactics to pull email addresses and since the visitors have filled it, you will get far better performance with it.

  2. The Wrong Audience Targeting

    Wrong Audience Targeting - Why your Email Marketing doesn’t Work and How to Fix it
    Wrong Audience Targeting

    If you aren’t targeting the audience properly and satisfying their needs for what they subscribed, it will cost you the email marketing campaign. Not personalizing the email and providing tailor-made content is also lost of opportunity and thus, renders your email marketing strategy a complete fail.

    How to fix it – After sending an email or too, advertisers can ask their users for a short survey that will provide the necessary input on what they really need to be informed via emails. Based on the survey, you can personalize the email content with adding subscriber’s name for better performance. Further, you can use email segmentation that allows sending curated emails or segments to different groups in an email list.

  3. The Timeline, Content, and the Design isn’t Top-Notched

    The frequency of an email could be a deciding factor between visitors choosing to stay put or unsubscribe. Thus, it is crucial to adhere to the timeline and send out emails as per the frequency which could be once a week, once a month, or as chosen by the visitors.

    The content has been a king and it will be. Poor marketing copy could bring down the performance of the marketing campaign and therefore, it is recommended to write a perfect marketing copy. Including short but powerful subject lines and personalizing the email content with proverbs or quotes could help to put a unique touch on the emails and therefore, keeping the visitors glued.

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    The design is another factor promising factor which must be top notch since it is something people will connect to. You can use the same email template through the life of the newsletters that you send out or if you wish to change, it is the time for the visitors to give your inputs.

  4. You are not Analyzing the Analytics Properly

    Properly Analyzing the Analytics - Why your Email Marketing doesn’t Work and How to Fix it
    Properly Analyzing the Analytics

    There are several metrics to look for while running an email marketing campaign. It is not just about the open rates since most of the time, people would use preview pane or they would open the mail but the images wouldn’t load due to default settings or network problem, etc and this will affect the open rates. But as a marketer, you must refer other metrics such as hard bounce, soft bounce, click-through, unsubscribe, and others. Analysing the analytics would help ascertain the future approach and if the campaign needs tweaking to generate best results.

  5. Missing CTA Buttons and Social Network Sharing Plugins

    CTA buttons are crucial as it adds the step the users need to take after opening the email. Further, adding sharing plugins and other elements can build trust which is the bane of any marketing strategy. You can add all the social media network links as well as sharing buttons, put in forms that inform users about their privacy and how your website cares for it. Further, use real names as the email address since it receives double the click-through compared to other email addresses. Also, adding a unsubscribe link will be an added bonus as it gives the users the opportunity to unsubscribe to receiving any further emails.

  6. Quantifying the Email Marketing Strategy

    Email Marketing Strategy - Why your Email Marketing doesn’t Work and How to Fix it
    Email Marketing Strategy

    You might have a list of 100 users in your email list but is it obvious that only a handful of the people will only read the email and only a fraction of ‘em will actually go through it. Quick Sprout recommends marketers to shave off the email list by removing those users who haven’t opened your mail or even checked it yet. Even if a staggering 90 percent of the users are removed, they received a higher conversion rate from the remaining 10 percent since the engagement increases when the list was small.

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    Further, you need to give the baton to the users who can select whether to stay put or unsubscribe for receiving emails which you can achieve by sending retention emails asking users to stay or unsubscribe or provide feedback to improve emails. Frequency as said is another beast that you must tame and abide by it.

  7. You aren’t Opting for Email Remarketing

    It’s a common sense that once I shared a piece of content via email, what good will it do if I shared it twice since everybody has seen it already. Will it have any effect on the performance? The answer is yes, it will have a far better performance since there could be a number of reasons why a user skipped your email when you send a similar email a few days ago. Now, I am not saying that you must simply copy paste the content and email it again to the same email list.

    But, I am saying that you must repurpose the mail, change a tad bit few things, arrange the CTA button properly, add few additional information or coupons if you may and send it via email segmentation that is not to everyone but a specific group of a number of users who might respond it well. And the fact is, email remarketing is an effective tactic if perfected and the frequency must not be too high, remember. These are some of the reasons why your email marketing campaign isn’t doing well and also, how to fix it.

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