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Why is Email Marketing So Effective?

Email Marketing has become a center of digital marketing techniques because of what benefits it can produce while costing a fraction of what ads on social media websites and search engines would cost. Email marketing is simply the technique used to send out emails to current and potential customers in an attempt to convert them into repeat customers and convert leads into sales, etc. Although there are many other marketing techniques such as SEO or Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing remains highlighted and a must-to-do technique due to several underlying reasons. Here, we’ll talk about how email marketing is so effective.

Reasons Why is Email Marketing So Effective:

Why is Email Marketing So Effective
Effective Email Marketing
  1. Email Over Other Methods

    The best thing about email marketing is that it is cheap and targets a larger audience and since the number of smartphone users is only increasing, it is no doubt that emails are often being read and acted upon and the count is more than half of the internet users who check their emails for any latest updates. This gives a great window of opportunity for small businesses to showcase their brand, promote their products and services, give-away coupons and notify customers about upcoming deals and much more. According to a relevant study conducted by MarketingSherpa, more than 72% of people opted for emails rather than other methods of communications. Email marketing has grown colossal with a method called email segmentation that allows brands to send out personalized emails and relevant products and services to customers in their email list. The frequency of emails being sent is also crucial in determining the effectiveness of email marketing campaign where the campaign can be assessed through analytics that helps ascertain open rates, click-throughs, conversions, bounce rate, thereby helping brands to tweak their personalized emails to perform well.

  2. Email Marketing Boosts Sales

    Email marketing has been around since the dawn of the internet and has grown substantially over the years. It is essentially used for campaigns such as product or service information, news and updates, loyalty and reward programs, sales and coupons, and more. In fact, email sent out by brands can actually translate in both online and in-store sales since many users rely on emails from brands consisting of coupons and deals. This is based on a study by Neilson where more than 27 percent of U.S. shoppers are subscribed to receive promotional emails from brands with 64 percent of ‘em using the coupons for everyday shopping.

  3. Email Marketing is Inexpensive

    To prove a statement made at the beginning of this extract, email marketing is truly inexpensive and effective. This wouldn’t be a difference for multinational brands or bigwigs but it is surely a way to promote business and products that allows small business promote their brand than relying on expensive methods such as marketing through direct mail or radio, or even TV. To put various marketing methods in context, the ROI on every dollar spent on email marketing is $40 as opposed to Catalogs ($7.30), SEO ($22.24), Keyword Ads ($17), etc.

  4. Reach to a Wider Audience

    With billions of internet users and almost more than half the user base using mobile phones to go through their email inbox, email marketing becomes more important than ever. This form of marketing reaches people who aren’t even on social media and thus, allows wider coverage at an inexpensive price compared to other marketing techniques. About the figures, a study conducted in the United States revealed that more than 42 percent of people use their smartphones to access emails while additional 17 percent users utilize their tablets for the same purpose and thus, reaching a wider audience is possible with email marketing.

  5. The Success Rate is Measurable

    The success or failure rate in email marketing can be assessed using email marketing software that is used to send hundreds and thousands of emails to the customers and potential users. This allows the marketer and advertiser to understand exactly which types of emails receive higher or lower response, the success rate in terms of click-throughs or even open rates, failure metric such as bounce rate, unsubscription, etc. Based on the analytics, one can tweak the email marketing campaign to suit the target audience to generated leads and sales.

  6. Emails are Action Oriented

    Call it human behavior or nature, we always look for ‘what to do next’ in every aspect of life. This is the same thing we think when reading an email, whether to respond or forward it or to delete it or visit the link, etc. This is called as the transactional property of an email and allows direct traffic to your website or blog or business or any other call-to-action buttons if provided within the mail. In fact, transactional emails perform 8x more than other types of emails in terms of open rates and click-throughs. These are few ways email marketing is so effective.

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